Barry’s Grand Ole Christmas Opry

The generosity of the Cape May community never ceases to amaze me. Musicians particularly, pour their soul into their craft and then their hearts overflow back into the neighborhood.

That was clearly the scene at Barry’s Grand Ole Christmas Opry at the West Cape May Borough Hall last night. According to Susan Tischler, aka Minnie Pearl, nearly $3000.00 was raised for the 50th annual West Cape May Christmas Parade.

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Sheriff Barry Tischler, who has been singing country songs since he was 19 years old and Susan Tischler who does a mean Minnie Pearl, were gracious hosts of the evening.

I confess to a predisposition of thinking I had heard everyone here before, and wondered, would it be any different? Believe me it was different, in an amazing way.


Tom Naglee, Jr. on Fiddle
Singer Songwriter C. Lynne Smith, who is multi-talented, can yodel with the best of them.

When Glenn McBrearty isn’t playing guitar he is working at Swains Hardware.

Jim Ross plays his heart out wherever and whenever.
Bernadette Mathews

Rick and Dan da Man


And when Debra Donohue is not working at Homestead Realty, she has been everywhere, man. She delivered the song by the same title and barely ran out of spit (her words).
The gathering of so many talented musicians for the annual Grand Ole Christmas Opry is mind boggling. Not just for the sheer number, although that is impressive. The fact that these musicians are engaged members of the community is mind blowing and just wonderful.
It’s Cape May!!!

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