Baseball Player Scotsman Comedian Walk Into Bar

Three Sold Out Events One Weekend

If I said a baseball player, Scotsman, comedian walk into bar, a Cape May bar. Sounds like a joke? Not too far from reality. This weekend in Cape May saw three sold out events. All executed in spectacular fashion.

Friday night the 14th annual Robert Burns Supper drew 385 guests to a packed Convention Hall. The energy was fueled by the Bastard Bearded Irishman and the Nae Breeks Pipes and Drum Corp.

“Katie Repici has been working full-time on this event for over a month” Jack Wright the organizer who publishes Exit Zero Magazine texted me. The sold out Convention Hall dinner crowd was fed in professional fashion by the Washington Inn.

“I don’t know how they got so much food out so fast and still hot,” a kilted Brady Shoenrock mentioned to me. “Next year we will book two tables” he also added. Even at Fifty Bucks I replied!! (But not too much more Jack.)

The mixed media additions to this years dinner were fabulous. Teleconference style video addresses from South Africa and Scotland made this years Burns Supper an international event. Quite possibly making Cape May’s Burns Supper a worlds largest. And of course poetry by Robert Burns was read.

Mixing With The Locals

Saturday night the ballroom of Congress Hall hosted another sold out audience for Lower Township native Matt Szczur. Matt, who also plays baseball for the San Diego Padres, has a foundation, Be The Match, which raises awareness and money for Bone Marrow research, testing and donations.

And Then The Comedian

Sunday night, also at Congress Hall, another full house laughed uncontrollably at times. Andrew Norelli cracked jokes and told stories about everything from cell phones to computers. At times he mocked the DeSatnick family tongue in cheek style.

The DeSatnick foundation, organizers of the comedy night, provide assistance to Life Rolls On an organization aiding victims of spinal cord injuries resulting from surfing accidents. “Desatnick Foundation is proud to offer this assistance to those living in our community,” Chad DeSatnick said.  “We are a  non profit that offers financial and emotional support for those victims of Spinal Cord Injury that either live or were injured in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Ocean Counties.” Chad added.   He stressed the importance for supporters and possible donors to know that their donations are kept local.

Although the baseball player Scotsman comedian walk into bar concept was a play on words, it could have happened this weekend in Cape May. All this, not including a Trivia competition and a life celebration for Harry Kulkowitz make Cape May event filled even in January.

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