Black Friday Mad Batter Bluegrass Cape May

Mad Batter Bluegrass Cape May

A doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, an electrician and a restaurant owner walking into a bar sounds like the beginning of a joke. What happens next is the limited Mad Batter engagement of the Black Friday Bluegrass Band. This minute and thirty-second sample from Friday night November 25th (black Friday) was just a taste of the whole feast.

This Friday, December 1st. the musical feast will be served again. Was Jim Doran on vacation? Did Mark Kulkowitz, the owner of the Mad Batter suddenly fall in love with Bluegrass? Bastard Sons of Captain Mey front man Chris Gillan Schwartz led the ensemble of artists.

The dynamic blend of ages and talent within the  group was fascinating, displaying just how deep the well is in Cape May. The love (reaction, applause) shared for the performance reflected Cape May’s appreciation of the talent and skill on stage.

Not since the Old Fiddlers Picnic at Lenape park had I felt the tingle of Bluegrass–and I only caught the last hour. Kate Delaney Chew added her angelic vocals to the last couple of numbers. When Chris said they would return next Friday the crowd cheered. I cheered.

Music in Cape May has always been a thing. Mad Batter Bluegrass could be a thing all by itself. If Mad Batter Bluegrass takes off, Mark Kulkowitz will need a bigger bar. Sunday nights are already a destination of music in Cape May. The Kulkowitz family provides music seven nights a week.

The doctor on bass, the son of a preacher on fiddle, the lawyer on guitar and mandolin, the electrician on guitar and the restaurant owner on banjo and keyboard. Quit your day jobs fellas, it’s time to go on tour.

See you Friday.


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