Cape May Beauty In Fall Weather

Cape May Beauty in Fall Weather

Cape May beauty in fall weather is not something the summer tourist usually gets to see. One of the most repeated questions of spring and summer visitors is, “what’s it like here in the winter?” This photo blog is just a glimpse of the glorious skies and beaches on a November morning.

Everyone relishes a spectacular sunrise in Cape May. They awe at dramatic sunsets. It takes a hearty soul to get out during an autumn Nor’easter to take in Cape May beauty in fall weather. Cloud formations, blowing sand and large close-breaking waves make a dramatic beach walk.

There is always risk to the November gales that blow through Cape May. Sailboats moored on the harbor are always subject to the fury of the wind. Some boats occasionally break loose from their moorings and wind up on the rocks like Amazing Grace

Every vacation needs a plan “b” when visiting the Jersey shore. In the autumn you need to plan for the wind and rain and the Cape May beauty in fall weather. Serenity is something else that accompanies the fall visits to Cape May. The serenity is a by-product, make that a bonus of visiting in the off-season. The answer to the question above-come see for yourself, what fall is like on the Cape.



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  1. Jeff
    November 9, 2014 / 7:47 pm

    Very nice photo, John. You are correct. The summer tourist does not see the Fall look of Cape May. It is nice this time of the year. Sometimes brisk and sometimes cold.