Cape May Reputation Matters

Cape May Reputation Matters

Reputation management, for the business I manage, is critically important. Cape May reputation matters are just as important to me and to our town. As a blogger I am a bit of a geek about trolling the web for Cape May sensitive blog posts. Some come through blatantly tagged via Google alertsothers fly a little below the average persons radar.

Bloggers have been mostly kind in the month of October. Online reputation management should matter to all Cape May businesses. Cape May reputation matters should be under closer scrutiny by city officials. What follows here are a few of my favorite bog posts from the past few weeks.

When the Sea-Glass festival overflowed from Cape May convention hall last month, Dianna and her husband were happily entertained by the staff of the Cape May carriage company. Dianna wrote about her visit in her blog here. She visited several local businesses on her brief stay here.

I have written previously about the need for a dinghy dock in Cape May. Mary Knauth and her family arrived by boat and were well cared for by the staff at South Jersey Marina and thought fuel prices were competitive too. Although they were under-impressed by the local Irish Pub in town, they blogged favorably if not a tad long, in Vessel Pine Nut here.

Perhaps my most favorite blog post about Cape May came from Carly Heitlinger, who grew up in Tampa. In her blog the College Prepster, Carly writes about her visit to Cape May. By all accounts Carly had a great time in Cape May and lets her readers know too Cape May reputation matters.

Why do I think that an online reputation is important to monitor? Because once a blog post is on the web or internet it becomes searchable and readable by anyone looking to find information about the destination. My own recent experience with a quick trip to Cleveland for a family wedding got picked up by the Tourism department of the City of Cleveland. Although primarily about social media, privately monitored in the destination, the tourism people in Cleveland were paying attention. For them, and for me and hopefully for Cape May-reputation matters.










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  1. October 30, 2014 / 11:57 am

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog post about our brief visit to Cape May. We’re hoping to return for a longer stay in the not-too-distant future!
    It’s a lovely town.