Cape May Locals Love Craft Beer

Cape May Locals Love Craft Beer

An intoxicating subject was how we described episode 17 of the Cape May Locals radio broadcast on WCFA last week. Cape May locals love craft beer is an understatement.

Sitting around a table at 3P.M., drinking coffee, not beer, is an unusual setting for people sharing their love of craft beer. Talking the business of brewing beer and it’s effect on employment and tourism gives it more perspective.

Brewmasters and representatives from Seven Mile Brewing and Historic Cold Spring Brewing joined the crew from the Cape May Locals weekly radio talk show. Congress Hall and Iraisa Ann Reilly hosted our location outside the Brown Room for this weeks episode.

Ann Salvatore of Historic Cold Spring Village (HCSV) shared their vision for a brewery that would produce historically accurate ales, commensurate with the village’s history. 7 Mile Brewing talked about community brews. A concept I was not immediately familiar with.

Skinny Dipper is a craft beer of the blonde fashion. Lighter in color and alcohol similar to a session IPA. Laurie Johnson the show’s guest host seemed to know the most about it. I was intrigued.

7 Mile has an ear for customer preferences. The industry may be pushing India Pale Ales (IPA), but 7 Mile is brewing with customer tastes and styles in mind. Knowing Cape May locals love craft beer the brewmaster at HCSV is brewing historically accurate ales with many ingredients sourced locally, Mark McPherson informed us.

This show was a great follow-up to episode 16 with political representatives from Cape May County. That show, including the discussion of the hiring capabilities of local brewery houses, can be downloaded and listened from our podcast platform. Our shows are also available on Itunes under podcasts.




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