February Feels Like Summertime

Valentines Day a year ago, was one of the coldest days of the year. The kind of day you’d expect for February. Fast forward one year and February feels like summertime.

President’s day weekend in Cape May is traditionally the weekend where we stretch our tourism legs and shake off the dust of winter. Call it a shakedown weekend. If the weatherman forecasts sixty and seventy degree weather and February feels like summertime, call it overwhelming.

Temps were not the only thing to rise to record levels. Crowds swelled with temperatures. One social media post described the attendance at the annual chili chowder event as catastrophically successful.

The weekend started with sunshine at the Victorian Motel.

It ended with sunshine across the street at Congress Hall.

Throughout Cape May sunshine prevailed with warm temperatures so February feels like summertime. You could say it even felt like seventy degrees in the shade on the Washington Street Mall.

Temperatures climbed, events were crowded, bars were full. Sunday presented a full agenda of activities from the Sunday Social at Fins to the Chili Chowder event at the Grand Hotel. The Sunday night activities blossomed too. Broadway sing-a-longs, Beatles night and open mike night at the Mad Batter supplied everyone with alternatives on this Presidents Day weekend.

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  1. chris greame
    March 1, 2017 / 11:31 am

    Hi John,
    We were in Cape May in 2016 with our then 16 month old son Seamus. It was frigid!!!! This year was the exact opposite and, although it was cloudy, Seamus was able to run around on the beach! Crazy weather, but Cape May is wonderful no matter what the weather!