Cape May Loves Media Attention Television Included

Cape May Loves Media Attention

We know Cape May loves media attention, television included. What destination marketing organization wouldn’t love attention. The few weeks that just passed brought excellent coverage of Cape May.  The secret (we all know) about September, is the best time, is out.

Hank Flynn from channel 29 in Philadelphia ( 5 on local cable) visited last week.  His assignment? Show the Jersey shore, particularly Cape May, open after Labor Day. Endless summer stuff.

First stop for Hank was the Victorian Motel. The weather was perfect. Our guests were naturals on camera. The pool crowd recognized Hank the moment he arrived.

This behind the scenes clip gets distilled down to what is actually seen in the broadcast.

Television Week

The City of Cape May received additional media attention the week before with CBS 3. The Philly based station held a contest to determine which city should host the last shore town broadcast.
Cape May won.

Mayor Lear’s natural camera presence served the city well. Anchors Ukee Washington and Jessica Dean hosted the summer-fest program at Congress Hall.

Congress Hall had an opportunity to show off the new chefs clam bake menu slated for Sunday on the lawn.


For a town with little or no DMO budget Cape May has a knack for getting a fair amount of free publicity. Hey, it works.

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