Historic Cold Spring Village Seafarer Weekend

Last Chance to PILLAGE THE VILLAGE today! It’s Seafarers’ Weekend at Historic Cold Spring Village…. Sunday, August 26 10am-4:30pm!

It’s the annual Pirate Coin Treasure Hunt at Historic Cold Spring Village – Children should be on the lookout for gold coins hidden throughout the Village that can be redeemed for a free treat near the Country Store!

Valhallas Pirates will join the event, bringing thrilling fight scenes both days. Captain Black and his crew will also meet with guests throughout the day to take pictures and tell tales of the sea.
The Sea Dogs Maritime Band, an authentic maritime reenactment crew, will perform their sea shanties on both days.

New this year, the DarkStar PirateCruise from Wildwood Crest will also be joining in on the fun and festivities with a show or two of their own!

There will be a Sailors Swill Station Beer Garden available to the thirsty sailor fresh off the boat.

Bayman Dan will be teaching all ye scurvy dogs the ways of the fishermen and how he makes his authentic fishing nets.

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