Cape May Magical Musical Sunday Nights

Cape May Magical Musical Sunday Nights

If you follow me on social media then it will come as no surprise that I hang out at the Mad Batter on Sunday nights. For me its a musical cave in which I can decompress from the week gone by.

When I see my visiting guests experience Open Mike at the Mad Batter for the first time, it brings about a different level of enjoyment.

Sunday night a couple from Philadelphia were engulfed in the experience. When asked if anything like our Sunday nights at the Batter existed in their hometown, surprisingly they said no.

Previously I have written to give you a sense of Open Mike hosted by M. Q. Murphy. Mike, a carpenter/builder by day hosts and orchestrates the schedule of performers who travel great distances to play and sing.

Each night M.Q. files a recap report: “Well, in a slight departure from the usual your host must get up very early tomorrow – I could put off the re-cap, but I can’t put off the re-cap…
‘Twas a really wonderful night at The Mad Batter Open Mic tonight – favorite returnees and a first-time-in-Cape-May performer tonight.” You can read the rest on his Facebook Page.

When people ask me if there is anything to do in Cape May in the winter, I reply, “there’s always Sunday night.”



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