Cape May Offers Destination for Fitness Group

G-Fit owner Michelle Gresh first reached out to me in pandemic-plagued 2021. She created a virtual club for women who wanted to work out.

Michelle describes the group as: “minimal equipment, total body approach to fitness designed to burn fat and aid in weight loss. No fad diets, counting macros, magic cleanses, or belly wraps, but instead building a lifestyle of movement and mindfulness—fast, effective workouts for the busy mom or the career person who is pressed for time. ”

“I enjoy catering to the busy mom and the menopausal woman in their 50s and beyond,” Michelle said.

This past weekend, more than 30 women of G-Fit gathered in Cape May. They traveled from North East Pennsylvania, Ohio and one from Missouri. Many booked rooms at the Sea Crest Inn on Broadway; the rest filled a whole house rental on Hughes Street.

In one Instagram post, the ladies can be seen working out inside the Cove pavilion to avoid the rain. When they were in between workouts, they supported the Cape May economy.

The first stop was Cape May Brewery.

Drinks and dinner at Elaines on Lafayette Street are also on the list.

The Sunday post-workout breakfast was at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House.

The most interesting dynamic about G-Fit is that most women had only interacted online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet many formed bonds that seemed to exist for a lifetime.

This pair reunited after one drove in from Ohio.

The group is already planning a spring destination trip next year and returning to Cape May in the fall of 2024.

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