Cape May Promotes Dekon Fashaw Police Chief

Cape May Promotes Dekon Fashaw Police Chief

“Come to Cape May on vacation–don’t leave on probation,” may not be the new tourism slogan as Cape May promotes Dekon Fashaw Police Chief, but it’s one of his favorite slogans.

Radio show–podcast Locals of Cape May sat down with Fashaw to discuss his vision for Cape May’s compassionate law enforcement.

Chief Fashaw started his career in 1995 as a seasonal police officer for the City of Cape May and was later hired by the West Cape May Police Department. Chief Fashaw was then hired by the Cape May County Prosecutors Office as an investigator and returned to the Cape May Police Department to continue his career as a police officer.    

Before being promoted to Chief of Police, Chief Fashaw was a Detective, a Patrol Sergeant, and most recently a Patrol Lieutenant.  Chief Fashaw’s career accomplishments include a host of awards, citations, and community service accolades.

Chief Fashaw also managed all the major events and special details throughout Cape May City, West Cape May Borough, and Cape May Point Borough.

“At a young age, I was befriended by then patrolmen William J. Alvarez, who took me under his wing, watching over me during good times and bad,” Fashaw said.  Officer Alvarez eventually became a Sergeant, during which time he approached Dekon in front of the old Convention Hall and said, “Here kid, fill this application out for summer cop, do something with your life” Alvarez said.

“I laughed. I did not realize it at the time, but that application would alter and forever change my life’s journey” Fashaw continued.

Angry at life

A series of traumatic events led a young Fashaw to a near crisis point. His brother was murdered in Wildwood. The family house burned down. A close friend ended his life in the Broad Street housing complex in Cape May. “I was angry at life, crying upset, and lost,” Fashaw said. “I reached out to Bill [Alvarez].”

Alvarez would encourage Fashaw to fill out the application to become a summer police officer. Seeing the family house burn inspired him to join the Town Bank Fire Company.

Now, Chief Fashaw is a member of the Town Bank Fire Company, where he is a certified firefighter and an Assistant Fire Chief.

Politics and Police work

Fashaw understands the juggling act of handling three separate municipalities, Cape May, West Cape May, and the Point.  Ultimately, he answers to the City Manager Mike Voll. “In the past, I could work the street all day,” Fashaw said. “Now, I have budgets, scheduling, and planning too.”

Asked on the Locals, his thoughts about open container laws in Cape May, Fashaw replied: “It wasn’t a problem for our department.”

My Queen

In a private ceremony Lt. Fashaw was sworn in by Mayor Mullock last Monday morning. In his remarks, Fashaw choked up when he thanked God and his mother. When asked about her he still gets emotional. “She was my queen.” Chief Fashaw also thanked his fellow officers and former City Manager Jerry Inderwies, who actually promoted Fashaw in the previous administration.


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  1. David Greene
    February 6, 2021 / 12:14 pm

    Congratulations, Chief Fashaw! Let me also add, your elevation to this new role is Cape May’s great good fortune.

    John, I watched the beginning of your interview with Chief Fashaw. Thank you for posting it. A very impressive and compassionate gentleman.