Cape May Sunrise in Winter

Sunrise in Cape May

A comment on my Facebook page today confirmed the obvious to me. Rarely are any two sunrises alike. The past three days, the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of 2014 have all had fabulous sunrises.

Little effort is required to get up for the Cape May sunrise, when there is a five-year old Golden Retriever in the house. No slack is needed on the 7:15 AM sunrises this time of year. Joy the Golden will be up for the 5:15 AM Sunrises in June too.

One of the blessings of life in Cape May, in the winter, is the ability to see the sun rise and set from relatively the same beach location. It’s also no secret that winter sunrises and sunsets have the most potential to appear more dramatic.

Do a hashtag search on Instagram for Cape May or #sunset and you can marvel at the artful skies. What follows below are three consecutive days of sunrises from close to the same location. As the comment on Facebook mentioned, none of them is the same.

December 26, 2014

December 26, 2014

December 27, 2014

December 27, 2014

December 28, 2014

December 28, 2014

One can only wonder what the last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of 2014 will bring in the form of Sky-Art or sunrise in Cape May. Or if on the other side of the day a Cape May sunset will wind up on television.

YES !! that was #CapeMay on @6abc @CecilyTynan thank you. In case you were wondering. #reportinglive



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  1. Jeff
    December 29, 2014 / 2:55 am

    John – Very beautiful photos of the sunrises and sunsets. So good to see Cape May through your eyes since you are there all the time.