Gimme That Old Time Gospel Music and Throw in Some Fried Chicken Too!

Carl McIntire  might be pleased.  Sunday March 9th,  Congress Hall Hotel is hosting a revival. Well,  not a tent revival conjuring images of Robert Duvall in the Apostle but an old fashion get-together Hymn sing-along. More like Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan you get the picture?

“Celebrating the rich American tradition of sharing faith through singing hymns together – hymns that directly tie us to our forefathers and to the very beginnings of America as a country.” Is how Congress Hall describes the event.

How many times have you been told you’d have to sing for your supper?  Congress Hall is serving up some great country vittles.  Your Sunday supper includes fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and apple pie. All for $14.95…at Congress Hall!!!

Guests are then  invited to sing along with their  musicians, which include Tom Naglee Jr. on fiddle, Kate Delany, Ann Oswald,  Don Shaw and Myra Vassian.  Singing follows immediately after supper.

Now it wouldn’t be a proper service if we didn’t “pass the plate” and have a collection now would it? A free-will offering will be taken for the local Cape May food bank.

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