I Of The Storm

Last night I went to church. Or did I go to a rap performance? Maybe it was Vaudeville. No, it was Cape May Stage’s Off-Broadway production of I Of The Storm.

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Richard Hoehler preached like a pastor, rapped like Eminem and danced liked they tell you to do when no one is watching. Except everyone was watching this one-man performance of RJ Bartholomew’s script, I Of The Storm.

Mr. Hoehler portrays the life of an unidentified financial trader who loses everything, including his freedom, over a bad deal during the 2008 economic meltdown. Now a resident of Central Park in New York, Richard Hoehler’s character preaches to the audience to slow down and appreciate their surroundings. He reminds us to be in the park not just walking through the park.

The brilliant performance of Richard Hoehler and Janice Goldberg’s directing combined perspective changing lectures, political activism and soul searching introspection. The rant about iconic events in recent history gave one pause to think our individual impact on surroundings and events. For me it was both enjoyable and affirming.

Having such a high-caliber, riveting performance at the opposite end of the parkway from New York is an astonishing feat by Cape May Stage. Sadly this was only one night. This show was jam-packed with thoughts and ideas that it requires replaying in the mind.

I must confess that I am not an avid theater goer. If one play can change that, I Of The Storm might be the one to do it. Plays like this have the potential to change you into a theater enthusiast.

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