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Traffic Lights Now On

Traffic Lights Now On

Seasons change. The calendar changes. The weekends bring change to the off-season in Cape May. In the winter I find myself sitting at a blinking traffic light until the car behind me blows its horn. Ah yes the lights stopped working regularly for the winter.

Fast forward (but not to fast) to Spring and suddenly hit the brakes, realizing its a damn red-light. It must be the first weekend in April and the traffic lights are on.

Slowly Cape May wakes from its winter slumber and locals adjust with it. Contrary to belief Cape May never really rolled up its sidewalks. It never really gets quiet here. No less than three taverns on an otherwise quiet Thursday night provide live entertainment. On any given weekday there is enough construction noise to rival any Hollywood movie set.

Weekends will percolate now. Friday’s will bring in the masses of weekend visitors who will become Sunday’s exodus. This pattern will repeat for several weeks until the “season” will be upon us.

For now it’s the adjustment to the traffic lights on again off again cycle of weekends. At least remembering to stop is less painful than remembering to feed the meter next month. Until then, get off the horn, I’m going.


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