When Sunrises are Golden (Retriever)

Sarah Wilson, author of My Smart Puppy  , has a new book called “My Smart Puppy Guide: How to Train Your Dog to Come.”  A command that she says could save your dog’s life.  Sarah’s book is available on Amazon, but I can link here  due to Word Press regulations. So this morning while on our daily walk at Poverty Beach, my five-year old Golden Joy also known as Cape May Joy Cooke , decided to practice a little. With out distraction Joy has excellent recall. (This makes me happy). 20140401-110930.jpg With only my iPhone, I squatted down and  captured Joy’s expression as she’s  bounding toward me on the beach. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the foot print line in the sand indicating just how far way she had been. Come and here are challenging and important commands for a food driven Golden Retriever. 4-1Poverty 001 Most of Poverty Beach is wind-blown smooth this time of year. So if you see large deeply embedded paw prints there’s a good chance they’re Joys. Where do you run your dog? How is your dog’s recall ability? Do you have any tips? johnCookesignature

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