Unplanned walk


I Knew I might be in trouble when Joy, my Golden Retriever woke me up at 4:15 this morning. I told her to go back to bed once, which bought me 15 more minutes of shut-eye. But then Joy insisted it was time to get up. Monday, the beach walk at Higbee was unusually littered with left-behinds from Sunday. A sign of great weather for picnics, but of the darker side of humanity too. In other words the trash left behind was just too tempting for a wandering pup. Now on Tuesday morning Joy was feeling the ill effects of her foraging.

Off we go to the Delaware avenue side of Cape May Harbor. Parking by Coast Guard housing provides a combination of sidewalk and grass surfaces, making dog walking quite pleasant. With the exception of the eerie cry of the harbor dredge pump, the walk was serene as always. A side benefit of earlier than usual dog walk was being able to notice that a great sunrise was imminent. Heading all the way down past the Nature Center of Cape May we reached the parking lot of the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May, where I got to enjoy this fabulous scene on the harbor.


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