When Free is Priceless

PSI-4-11 004
The City of Cape May has complied with a state legislation permitting veterans to get free beach tags in 2014. Saving the veterans about $28.00 on an annual tag. For more on the details and the procedure on obtaining free beach tags see Chris South’s article here in the Gazette.

This brief post is not so much about the story behind the decision as much as the intrinsic value of the program. Veterans today were proudly posting pictures of their newly acquired tags on social media pages.

Then there’s Dan. Dan works at Collier’s liquor store in Cape May. Dan tells jokes. As almost anyone that has shopped there can tell you, some of Dan’s jokes are funny, some are; well lets be polite.  On his lunch break in the summer time,  Dan can be seen listening to his Compact Disc player through headphones  while sitting on a bench on the Washington Street Mall. Not sure if Dan knows what an Mp3 is so I don’t ask.

Today when I walked into Collier’s, Dan was proudly displaying his newly acquired “free” beach tag from the City of Cape May. Dan served America during the Vietnam War he told me.  Dan’s tag was number 44, not a big number but since they only started giving them out that morning, they obviously had a rush.

Today I learned that Dan has a serious side. He takes his Veteran status seriously and I respect that. Wearing his beach tag at work was  more a display of patriotism, than just saying he picked up his “free” tag. So while Dan rang up my purchase and we exchanged pleasantries, I thanked him for his service today and in the military; he replied, “did you hear the one about?” And all is right in Cape May another day.


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  1. April 16, 2014 / 11:18 am

    Aw I love this! Dan reminds me of my liquor guy who is always smiling and cracking jokes.