Cape May Blogging Retrospective

This will be my Cape May blogging retrospective, a brief summary of the most widely read or popular posts on the Cooke Cape May blog. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the enthusiastic support I have received. Especially the surprise early renewal from one of our advertisers that happened between the holidays. Thank You. Thank you all.

2017 was the year to watch me. At least that’s what the Press of Atlantic City said on January 1st. The pressure was real, so was the struggle. In 2017 it took till December 30th to learn that more than 30,000 viewers watched my 30 second video of the snow falling on the Washington Street Mall. Maybe I was (or my video) a person to watch in 2017.

I wasn’t sure about the direction this blog would go when I started back in March of 2013. Obviously Cape May centered, with blogs dipping into politics and music. Commentary about open mic performances and the new radio show I co-host are among my favorite topics.

Cape May Blogging Retrospective

How about the list? Beginning with a guest blog no less. Rachel Shubin, my millennial desk clerk at the Victorian Motel was one of the smartest hiring decisions I have made in a long time. Though we waited through minor illnesses and wisdom teeth, Rachel anchors our morning shift at the desk.

Rachel also writes for our local paper the Star and Wave and reported on the approval process to tear down the Jetty Motel at the cove. This blog was wildly popular and the emotional comments on her post almost requires a follow-up. What say you?

Rachel’s post was this year’s most read and a collected the most comments. Right behind her was the Beach etiquette blog about cabana and tents on the beach. This post struck lots of nerves and retrieved quite a few emails and comments.

The rest of the list:

What fell from the Sky?

There’s an App for That! A new parking solution in Cape May

Cape May Web Cams  ( a little bird told me the new Fox News Camera has range limits now.)

Coast Guard Gone Wild a video that got some Coasties scolded.

Blog about Shellington Family Donates Surf Chair

The (new) annual Polar Bear Plunge story.

The DeSatnick Foundation annual SUP paddle board race

Pop Up Beer Gardens are now a thing.

Rounding out the list of most popular blogs for 2017 was a personal favorite. The Mad Batter grand opening of the renovated front porch.  Related to the Mad Batter and the Kulkowitz family was a blog and article I did covering the funeral for Mark’s father Harry. After seeing my story published in the Star and Wave, Mark mounted the article on a plaque and hung inside his restaurant. It was hard fighting back tears in the crowded bar.

Now the question is what to do with the blog in 2018? I think it needs some tweaking. Maybe a new banner logo? I have plenty of blogs written in my head. Penning words in a creative fashion  can be difficult and time-consuming.

Photography and photojournalism are passions of mine. Social media is very important as well. Using it, teaching it and in recent years providing it as a service have come into my wheelhouse.

I look forward to growing that client base in the near future.

Thanks for reading, and sharing and supporting. Do me a favor drop a comment below about topics you’d like to see and read. And if your in any of the establishments listed on the right, say you saw them on Cooke’s Cape May.


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    January 18, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    I hope I get well soon and can drive. I am still trying to walk without the walker. My neighbor Tom Hayes and his wife Robin were there last weekend and stayed with you. They are coming back in Feb. for their anniversary. I am jealous. As Ruth and I miss you. Suzzane and Joy. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF A COLD BEER, but , for now that is out because of all the meds iI am still on. Have one for me the next time you are out Hope all is well on your end And we got 18″ that last snow flurry. I try to keep abreast with your wonderful photos! JIM