Cape May Christmas Kickoff

The first weekend in December is the traditional/official Cape May Christmas kickoff. Two tree lighting ceremonies in one night with two concerts squeezed in between. Cape May locals and visitors revel in the festivities side by side.

Cape May Christmas kickoff weekend continues Saturday night with the West Cape May Community Christmas parade. Now in its 51st year. Having a reputation for running long, this year’s parade was right around two hours in length; efficiently organized with few extended breaks.

Again, the parade allows Cape May locals and visitor to celebrate the Cape May Christmas kickoff season together.

Scenes from Cape May Christmas kickoff weekend included the infamous Underdog. Though she politely corrected me when a snapped her picture and said she was the Yellow Angel in this year’s parade.

Local realtor Chris Bezaire rode in the Coldwell Banker float. Troubadour and Cape May water maker, Carl Behrens bicycled the entire parade route for the Corinthian Yacht Club, with his wife Maureen walking along side.

Truly, the jam packed weekend was one of the most festive weekends in Cape May in a long time.


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